Here is the Report from tire companies about running Dyna Balancing Beads.

DUNLOP…\”Dyna Beads WILL VOID the tire warranty\”. \”Over
time, beads will break down the inner liner of the tire.\”


MICHELIN…\”They will not void the warranty, however, Michelin does not
endorse nor condemn their use. We do prefer spin balancing with weights.\”


AVON…\”We have not seen any issues from using the beads. We just prefer
nothing in or on the tires that includes, cleaners, Slime, Nitrogen,
Sidewall treatments or Armor All as it does cause cracking.\”


METZELER/PIRELLI…Using beads WILL VOID the tire Warranty. The
only support medium allowed for the inside of our tires are compressed air or

KLR 650

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