SHIPPING: TPI ships as soon as possible. We generally ship UPS and smaller items ship Postal if the cost is less than UPS. Shipping rates are determined by UPS or US Postal depending on weight, size and value. TPI is not in the shipping business and therefore we do no set the rates. Because TPI does not use a generalized shipping rate which is overly fair to some and unfair to others, you will not see shipping costs when placing your order on our website. If you are concerned with cost, you are welcome to call or email for an exact quote to your location before we process your order. INTERNATIONAL: We ship International every day via Postal and crate shipments are shipped by our Customs Broker. So, no matter where you are located, if its legal to ship to your country, we will. Call us at 615-826-8854

RETURNS: TPI has a strict return policy. None. If you are adult enough to purchase your own parts you are adult enough to except responsibility for your purchase. TPI has very little issues with returns. The reason is we know almost everything there is to know about our products and if we don\’t know something, we will find out for you…and us. We encourage you to call if you have a question and we will describe, research and do whatever it takes to answer your questions before you purchase. But returning things because mama caught you buying motorcycle parts again ain\’t gonna cut it. We want you to have a good experience shopping with us and we love talking motorcycles. We will try to pass everything we know about the operation of a part to help you decide. Call us at 615-826-8854

WARRANTIES: Each manufacturing company has their own warranty and we will follow their guide lines. Generally electronic items have no warranty and almost all parts have a limited life to their warranty. All warranties approved will be exchanged for the exact same item. No exchanges for dissimilar items. Return shipping is generally not covered but shipping back to you usually is. Shipping issues will be determined by the manufacturer. If you have warranty questions, please ask before purchasing. Returned items must receive a Return Number and be inspected before a warranty is issued. Call us at 615-826-8854

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