Welcome to TPI Motorcycle Parts. Our staff is here to help you with parts and accessories for your motorcycle and ATV. We carry parts from leading manufacturers such as Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited and TPI Motorsports. We are qualified to assist you with your order when using our website. Our credentials include Harley Davidson School, Harley Davidson PhD Training Program, Honda Tech School, several Yamaha schools such as Engine 1 & 2, Electrical and Warranty Program, plus 31 years of rack service on all types of motorcycles including 10 years with Kawasaki motorcycle and Utility division. Our objective is to offer you the best prices and products we can to help you build, repair, and generally enjoy your riding for less money and worries. Saving you money, assisting you with your order, and treating our customers with respect….that’s what it’s all about! Please note that members of our TPI News Letter Club may receive additional discounts and product updates. To join you simply need to click on “TPI NEWS LETTER” section on our website.
Do you have a KLR650, DR650, DRZ400 or Harley- Davidson? We have listed special sections for these models on our website because we specialize in these particular bikes.
TPI carries far too many products to list on our website. If you want to see the full line or are looking for a particular part, click on the BIG CATALOG section. There you can choose from Street, Off-Road, ATV, Utility or Harley Davidson. You can order from the site or give us a call if you need help.
PS: By the way, the prices listed in the BIG CATALOG section are factory list price. At TPI, you DO NOT pay the listed retail price.
Thanks, klrbob