Does not contain
ammonia cleaners. It does contain an anti-fog formula with dust
repellant. Note that ammonia cleaners will yellow and dull the windshields. Use on any plastic surface without
worries. Carry with you on road trips. Comes in 8oz pump spray bottle.
If your windshield already has scratches or has yellowed, purchase
the Polish and Scratch Remover #2.

#2 Polish removes fine
scratches and the sun glare from your windshield caused by scratches.
Also helps restore body parts that have been sun faded. Will remove
the “sun bleach” and return your body color back to normal except
under the most severe cases. 8oz bottle.

#3 Heavy Scratch Remover is
for use when windshield has unusual scratches caused by improper
cleaning or sand damage from extended highway use. Use on badly sun
faded body parts to help restore original color. Must be followed up
with #2 polish to complete polishing process. 8oz.


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