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PO0811-1, KLR 650 TPI COMFORT SEAT, FLAT  Order Here



We saw the mistakes The Other Guys made and corrected them.The result? Our own line of comfortable higher grade seats.

Our seats are produced using a far superior foam. If you have back
issues or spend a lot of time in the saddle you will appreciate the
relief. No break in period. The moment you sit on your bike you will
feel pleased that you chose the TPI Comfort Seat.

Fit: TPI uses our own molded plastic base
pan and staples giving a perfect fit just like original. No steel base
pans that do not fit, no beating the seat until
your hand is sore, no screws or rivets that rip the material. All of
the above improvements were common warranty problems that took up to 3
months to repair when we sold The Other Guys seats.

Weight: The Other Guys have seats weighing 15lbs. Our seats weigh 5 lbs. Just like the original seat. Less top end weight and a better fit.

TPI uses top quality Brazilian leather. Not fake leather, not roller
processed to give cheap quality leather an expensive look. We use heavy
duty seat vinyl on the sides to resist cracking over time. You can
compare our seats to a fine leather jacket, no two may look the same.

Upgrade: All the TPI Comfort Seats include
the front nose bracket required on the 08-up models. The nose bracket does not affect the 07
and earlier models and does not need to be removed.

 We believe in giving our customers a quality product at a fair price.

1″ lower than OEM.
Maximum comfort for the long distance rider. Perfect for 2 up riding
because the seat is at the same level no matter where you are sitting.
The flat seat is our choice for long distance riding because it
allows you to move your position without changing seat height. Seat posture is
similar to the original or old school style bike. Seat is 13” wide in butt area and is 8” wide at thigh area.

TPI offers the original owner a 1 year warranty against failure in
workmanship of the seat and base pan. Warranty covers the seat and base
pan under normal use. Warranty does not cover abuse, sun damage or
imperfections in the leather. Imperfections are normal when using
natural leather.
Warranty is limited to replacement of seat with the
same style seat only. Seat must be inspected before warranty is
authorized. Our warranty also
comes with a promise: Unless we are currently sold out of our seats, warranty exchange will be immediate.

The Seat fits and feels fabulous. Now I love to ride the freakin hell out of this bike. Patrick L. NY

Hi Bob, order rec’d yesterday.  Seat looks and feels great.  Can’t wait to ride now….enjoy. Adam W. Canada

Got my seat today,  it is much nicer than I suspected it to be!  It is great.  My wife’s KLR has a Corbin but your flat seat is superior in every way. Thanks a bunch. Jay K. Mississippi

Hey Bob. I removed the Corbin and installed your Flat seat and my back does not hurt until I ride over 3 to 4 hours now. I finally enjoy riding again after back surgery. Thanks, Scott N. Michigan.

Installed the seat yesterday and “man!” what a difference! It takes hours before I have to stop for a rest. This is absolutely the best farkel I have for my KLR. The second best is the Super bright headlight and harness. Now I can ride at night too. Thanks. Ken B. Atlanta.

I realize you don’t need for me to say this, but you do BEAUTIFUL WORK ….
What a great looking seat !!! I am so glad I spent a long time and did my
homework in reading up before I decided on your product. Be assured I will sing
your praises to the KLR community on the boards I am signed up for. And also
tell them how you took the time on the phone with me to answer all of my
questions. Thank you for your patience .. I very much appreciate it. Sincerely, Pat L. NY



recently installed one your flat comfort seats on my 2012 KLR 650 and could
not be any more pleased. Excellent leather quality and firmness seems just right
for my 190 lb frame. So far it has been very comfortable on my 14 mile daily
commute. I am anxious to see how it feels after 6-8 hours of touring. 


T. Firestone, Brentwood Tennessee

Got my TPI KLR saddle yesterday.  Installed it
right away and went on a 100mile+ ride.
First, quality and workmanship is superb.  I
like that you have the seems on the side and only smooth leather where I
sit. Everything about the new saddle was/is first rate–good job!
Second, comfort is wonderful!!!  I could not
believe just what a difference the TPI made.  Normally I had to stop every
50miles with the stock saddle but with the new TPI I went more than a 100miles
and still felt good.  I see no problem going from gas tank to gas tank (200/250
Third, it looks good on my bike, better than
stock I think.
Well done and thank you.
Randy F.
North Pole, AK

Your pal,
P.S. The TPI seat I bought a
few years ago is still great, still looks brand new even after riding in all
types of weather with a 300 pound rider all over the thing.  Best thing I’ve
bought for my KLR so far.

Hi Bob,  I just returned from a 16 day Western states trip through 16 states covering 6,000 miles on my 2008 KLR. I could not be happier with the TPI flat comfort seat I put on the bike before I left. Having had other seats from other manufacturers on previous long trips I can truthfully say this is the best seat I have ever had. Thanks for a great product that exceeded all expectations. Sincerely,  Ken ( Yard Dog ) Henton=



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