The NOCO Genius G3500 Battery
Charger is absolutely the best battery charger you can get. Why this charger
over, lets say, the Battery Tender? Because this Charger works! We always
thought chargers like the Battery Tender would kick-on when the battery got
low. WRONG, they do not. It kicks on AFTER it is too low if they come on at
all. Secondly the G3500 has a very important feature. It sends a pulsating
charge to break loose salvageable sulfated batteries restoring them to their original
state. No other charger offers all the benefits of the G3500. Totally
automatic. Plug it in and forget about it. Change your charger to the NOCO
G3500. It is capable of handling your Car, RV, Boat, Jet ski as well as your Bike.
Features recovery mode, cold/AGM mode and small battery mode. Note that if your
battery failed using another brand of charger, it may be too late to save it.
But we have used the recovery mode on some of our batteries and they did
recover. TPI highly recommends that you change to the NOCO G3500 as soon as
possible. The cost of one charger is less than a new battery. Comes with
Charger, Clip on or bolt on Quick Connects.

Our owner operates a cattle farm with lots of equipment using batteries. Over
the past few years, they lost two large tractor batteries, all their ATV
batteries, generator batteries and EVERY battery that was not used daily even
though they all were on individual Battery Tenders and all batteries were only
one-two years old. Two G3500’s were taken to the farm and set on recovery mode.
Each was moved from station to station every two weeks. Not one battery has
failed or even been low this year. PERIOD!

TPI kept loosing our display motorcycle batteries every spring. But when all
the Battery Tenders were replaced with one commercial type 4 outlet Genius G3500, not one display motorcycle
has needed a battery the past year and again, not one was even low. We had the
understanding that Tenders were coming on when the batteries needed charging.
They did not! Once batteries drop below 50% over time they are damaged. Our plague
of mysterious dying batteries has ended. We will never use anything besides
the G3500 at our Farm or Shop ever again.



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