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DUNLOP K591, REAR 150/80VB-16


DS3023-91, DUNLOP K591 REAR TIRE, 150/80VB-16

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DS3023-91, DUNLOP K591 REAR TIRE, 150/80VB-16  Order Here

OEM Harley Davidson K591 tires were originally designed for racing and are specially designed for Sport bikes like Fast moving Dynas and XL. Excellent wet weather cornering. Rated at 149mph. Be sure to verify your tire size before ordering. Note that because tires are considered over sized you can save shipping charges if you order 2 tires. Example: 2 rears, 2 fronts, 1 front and 1 rear. We can bundle them together for the same or very little additional shipping cost of ordering only 1 tire. 

Don’t forget tubes if you have a spoke rim.


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