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DR 650 M2340-4, CHAIN, DID VX PRO X-RING, 530/120L, CUSTOM, (C-Clip)


M2340-4, DR 650 CHAIN, DID VX PRO X-RING, 530/120L, CUSTOM, (C-Clip)   Order Here

DID has replaced their O-Ring chains with the new VX Professional Series X-Ring Chain. Stronger, less friction and far superior lubrication resulting in the best chain available for todays high-torque engines and, with proper care, lasting miles and miles over other brands.

NOTE TO TRIUMPH CUSTOMERS: The 530 chains on Triumphs range from 106-120 links. There are so many applications that we can not stock them all. If your Triumph uses a 530 chain, you must purchase the 120 link 530 chain and cut to fit. We recommend the Chain Tool #M2300. TPI will be glad to cut your chain according to your specs for no additional charge.


alt DON’T CRAP YOUR CHAIN!  Never use an auto dripper, petroleum based oils, WD40, Kerosene or any stupid thing like that to lube or clean your chain. You paid good money for the best chain, why ruin it? Only use Bel Ray O-Ring chain lube or any brand name lube designed for O-ring chain use. When cleaning off mud and/or sand, just hose it off. If mud is too thick, get off your lazy butt and use a brush to rub off the chain and simply relube with the proper lubricant. Street riders, just spray your chain with lube and otherwise leave it alone. You don’t have to clean off road grime, it’s actually good for your chain. Remember, you’re just cleaning the sprockets and outside of chain. You don’t want penetrating cleaners or oils getting past the X-Ring seals where they retain and protect their own lubricants for the internal rollers.


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